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Payday offers two lines of loans, the first called “payday” for smaller amounts with payday return term, and the so-called “installment” for larger amounts with more distance payments.

One of the characteristics of Payday is that it is committed to a responsible debt, for which they prepare a payment table and a contract without surprises so that your economic situation does not deteriorate by not doing things correctly. Therefore, they establish a relationship of trust with the client in this relationship of mutual benefit.



  • You will get the credit in an easy and payday way. In 15 minutes you will get an answer to your request and you can receive the money even on the same day.
  • Comfortable, safe and without guarantees
  • Clarity, control and availability. There are no hidden clauses, everything is clearly explained and you have control and access to information at any time, just one click, on the web page. You also have a customer service team that will solve all possible doubts.
  • Flexibility: the application can be processed online at any time of the day, 100% online, so you will avoid waiting and queues.
  • Personalization: each client receives a specific offer.


  • You must be at least 20 years old.
  • Count on CURP.
  • Having an active email account.
  • Have an active national cell phone
  • Have a national bank account of your own.
  • Have a valid voter registration card.

Loan details:

  • You can obtain loans for values ​​between 1000 and $ 10,000.
  • The first loan will have a maximum amount of 4000 pesos, being able to access the 10,000 pesos in successive loans
  • To return between a week and a year, depending on whether they are “payday” or “in installments”.
  • The usual term for the repayment of quick loans can be 14, 21 or 30 days, according to agreement in the beginning.

Payment Methods:

Payment Methods:

A very important note to take into account before making the payment is that Payday will not request that you deposit your payment to the name of a person or account in particular.
Your payments must be deposited at your reference. Once that detail has been taken into account, these are the ways in which payment can be made:

  • You can make the payment directly in a branch, but remember that you must include your bank reference in the “payment reference” field so that the information is recognized.

What happens if I can not pay on time ?:

  • In case you can not pay your loan on time, you have the opportunity to extend the term of your loan. Enter your profile at and check the payment extension options available to you. The loan extends from the original due date.
  • The term can be extended for 14, 21 and 30 days. These extensions have an additional cost, but you will definitely avoid the penalties for delay.
  • If payment is delayed, daily penalties for the delay will be charged.

Other data of interest:

  • With your installment loans, you can get up to $ 15,000 to repay in a year, which is a big increase compared to the quick loan.
  • Payday accepts payments in times shorter than the deadlines without extra charges, but you also do not receive a rebate for it.
  • Keep in mind that you will only get an immediate response if you make the request during working hours (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and outside of that time you should wait for the opening of the offices.
  • Another factor to take into account is that Payday does not accept more than one credit simultaneously.

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