How To Avoid Having Payday Loan With Loan Sharks


 In times of financial hardship, the promises of lending alternatives with loan sharks become tempting. After all, with financial crisis, unemployment growth and the basic bills of light, water and food that only rise, for most Brazilian families, it is difficult to sustain without incurring debt.

It is in this scenario of desperation and attempted debt repayment that a loan shark presents his false “easy credit opportunity” to lure the needy into a huge financial trap. This is a danger. In this text you will know why not take loan with a loan shark.

How does a loan shark act?


Agiota is that individual who offers a financial loan out of the legal credit market. By not following the rules, they use the argument that there is no need for documents or proof of income to lend, with “quick and easy” money in the hands of the person.

The main target of moneylenders are individuals who are indebted and / or need large amounts to meet an emergency and who, because of their dirty name , can not legally lend to banks.

But make no mistake: believing in a loan shark is extremely dangerous. Continue reading and understand why you should not take a loan with a loan sharks under any circumstances:

Four reasons why you should not take payday loan with loan sharks:

Four reasons why you should not take payday loan with loan sharks:


1. The practice of moneylending is a crime


Moneylenders take advantage of the financial vulnerability of others to enrich themselves illegally, using non-compliant agreements to be able to take advantage of permissible lending services, and still get more financial returns.

This type of activity constitutes a crime against the popular economy, according to Article 4 of Law 1521/1051 . In this article, it is defined as a crime to collect interest or commissions on debt using rates higher than allowed by law (the limit is 12% per year, according to our Federal Constitution), with a penalty of six months to two years imprisonment .

It is good to clarify that lending among individuals is not immediately criminal. So it is okay to take out loans with a civilian as long as you follow the rules and have legal mediation, either by an official contract or by an accredited company.

And, even, to charge interest, as long as they are low, only to reimburse the amount monetarily lent. This will demonstrate the objective of helping, not profit.

2. Interest rates are abusive


One of the main reasons for the moneylender to be illegal is precisely because the interest is higher than allowed. They do this because the goal of the loan sharer is never to solve their problem, help to pay off debts and realize their dreams, on the contrary, they seek to enrich through the abusive interest rates on the loans.

They may even “give” you money at first, but what they make in return is enough to make up for it and make them profit from the blow.

While in banks and legalized financial institutions the interest is usually less than 10% per month, moneylenders charge much more, 20%, 50% and up to 100% a month.

Because they are not regularized, they themselves choose the values, reaching those numbers that cause real inconvenience when returning.

This is because a person who urgently needs money in this way is hardly able to collect not only the initial amount, but double it in a month to make the payment. Thus is generated a snowball effect, in which each month the debt only increases and the difficulties to pay as well.

3. The guarantees requested are greater than the loan


The loan officer may not even ask for your proof of income to make the loan. But he will ask for personal property as collateral, items such as jewelry, cars or even real estate, much higher than the loan.

It is for this reason that they use high interest rates and they know that the debtor will not be able to pay. They expect this to happen to take these much more valuable goods for themselves.

To be entitled to the assets of the guarantee, they even falsify legal proxies or property sale documents, signed by the individual, to simulate legality and have the false judicial power over their assets. This is done to discourage the victim from prosecuting after the event and for the prosecution to be hampered.

4. Methods of collection are violent

 Even if the ultimate goal is to earn your equity, it does not mean that they will simply pick you up and end the contract.

Since the goal of the moneylender is to enrich as much as possible, they will do everything to extort the indebted to the maximum, charging the installments of payment until there is nothing left.

To get what they want, their methods have no limits. They use threats of violence on the individual and their family members, often departing for aggression.

Their idea is to put fear into the debtors to force them to turn in every penny they have to pay their debts, even if that means giving up food or buying a major drug.

No matter how much the person is able to plan and repay the loan completely, they can at any time change the rules in default to increase interest or remain with the equity of the collateral.

Because it is an informal transaction with no legal validity, appealing in court in such cases is very complicated and the loan sharer can even increase the violence to silence him and avoid a complaint. It’s a very dangerous scenario.

What are the alternatives to pay my debts?

What are the alternatives to pay my debts?

There are some strategies to adopt and get rid of your debts, such as making a plan to cut unnecessary expenses , seek extra income by selling sweets, for example, or at a temporary job.

If it is not possible, there are legal methods of lending to help pay the bills without having to take loan with a loan sharker.

How Does a Loan Calculator Work: Facts and Tips!


What does a loan calculator do and how does it work?

You want to build a house or buy a car and need a loan for it ? With an online loan calculator, a comparison can be made between different providers and then the best offer can be claimed. There are different uses that you should give when borrowing at best.

Likewise, you can these uses may continue in a loan calculator that can be found online, enter: There are loan calculator for a home purchase, loan calculator for a condo loan calculator for an annuity loan, loan calculator, a finance car and much more offered.

Whether you need a loan calculator for a house or want to test a loan calculator for another financing, important questions must be clarified in advance: Which factors are considered by a loan calculator? How does a loan calculator work? How do you find the right loan calculator?

Credit Calculator

 In short: Information about the loan calculator

  • Before you decide on a loan, you should use a loan calculator to calculate the financing and other factors to find the right provider.
  • Some loan calculators allow you to enter the type and purpose of the loan. It is important to specify the nature and purpose of the loan in order to obtain better terms.
  • With a loan calculator you can calculate the duration of the contract, the amount of interest and the monthly installments.

What factors are important in a loan?

What factors are important in a loan?

You can use a loan calculator to calculate the monthly installment with interest. That’s the amount you have to repay monthly. Do you use a loan calculator to calculate a personal loan and all associated data?

Then you should be familiar with the most important terms related to borrowing, as you would otherwise overlook hidden fees or borrow on bad terms. So what aspects are important when you take out a loan?

  • For a loan calculator, an APR is important: The APR is the interest rate you have to pay when you have a loan. Most financial institutions quote “x percent interest” on their bids, which usually means the borrowing rate or nominal rate. However, the effective interest rate incurs further costs, such as bank fees. For this reason, the effective interest rate is more meaningful than the borrowing rate, as the total charge is indicated.
  • The loan calculator takes the monthly rate into account: Before signing the installment loan contract, you should check that you can afford to raise the installment every month. It is important to consider all expenditures and also plan for unexpected expenses. It is not advisable to enter into the loan calculator a high monthly installment and to go into dispoaction every month to be able to afford the repayment. On the other hand, it makes no sense to choose a low monthly installment and to prolong the repayment, which generates more interest.
  • The use of credit: It is important to always communicate the purpose of the loan to the bank or the bank, as you can save and have more chances to actually get a loan.
  • Special repayments: It is advisable to inquire with the respective financial institution whether special unscheduled repayments are possible. Special repayments allow you to repay part of the loan early if you incur additional income such as tax refunds or holiday pay during your term.
  • Credit insurance: Specifically, this is a residual credit insurance, also called rate protection or residual insurance, which is to take over the repayment installments in case of unemployment, disability or sudden death. However, this insurance is not required if you already have an endowment or annuity insurance policy, which can usually also be used for this purpose.

What purpose should your loan have?

Loan Calculator: To buy a home, you may need to take out a loan. A loan calculator helps you to compare. Before you take out a loan, it is important to choose the right use. This means that, for example, you should specify in a loan calculator what exactly you need the money for. This will not only save you cheaper lending rates, but also increase the probability of acceptance.

You can use the loan credit calculator for the following purposes:

    • Use a Debt Recovery Loan Calculator: Rescheduling can replace an expensive discretionary loan or an ordinary old loan. If you use the credit line permanently, you can save money with lower lending rates. For the bank, it is a good thing if you want to repost an existing loan, as debt restructuring will reduce your monthly financial burden.
    • Loan for free use: If you have selected “free use”, you do not need to prove to the bank what you used the money for.
    • Loan calculator for a commercial loan : A loan for self-employed usually has different conditions than a loan for private individuals. Since self-employed people do not have a regular income, creditworthiness can not be proven by income. A commercial loan is usually not earmarked.
    • Loan calculator for real estate: Loan calculator for a house, Loan calculator for a flat, Loan calculator for a building, Loan calculator for a plot. Although you do not have to deposit the house or apartment as collateral, the banks here also grant cheap loans, as they assume that it is an increase in value.
    • Loan calculator for a car loan : If you want to take out a loan to finance a vehicle, the banks usually grant particularly cheap loans because the vehicle can be deposited as collateral.

What does a loan calculator do?

What does a loan calculator do?

Which bank offers which conditions for a loan, shows you the loan calculator. For mortgage lending, it is advisable to use a loan calculator. After you have met the requirements for borrowing, you can be viewed by a loan calculator, Which financial institution currently offers the best terms for a loan.

A loan calculator with repayment plan is used to calculate interest, monthly installments and term. A loan calculator not only has advantages for the provider, but also for the consumer. The consumer can benefit from two major advantages:

      • Optimal comparison possibility of the offers.
      • Convenient usability of the data.

With a loan calculator an annuity loan with constant payments is calculated, which is often used in installment loans and consumer loans. You can determine what should be calculated with the loan calculator:

      • The loan calculator calculates the interest: The loan calculator calculates nominal interest, effective interest, the totality of interest payments.
      • The loan calculator calculates the term of the contract.
      • The loan calculator calculates the rate.

In addition to the annuity loan, the loan calculator also calculates loans that are final, which are called fixed loans or maturity loans.

What is a repayment plan? In an annuity loan, constant payments are made over the life of the loan. Thus, the installment payments also contain a repayment and an interest portion. With increasing maturity, the repayment portion of the monthly installments grows – the remaining debt decreases accordingly. For each calculation of the loan calculator the repayment plan is shown.

How does our loan calculator work?

How does our loan calculator work?

In addition to the monthly rate, the loan calculator still calculates the effective interest rate and the remaining debt   Our loan calculator works like any other loan calculator. Please note that the results are indicative and, depending on the credit provider, the results may differ.

For example, you can use our loan calculator to calculate a real estate loan, where the following values ​​are calculated:

  • Monthly Rate: How much money you have to repay monthly to settle the remaining debt.
  • Effective Annual Interest : How much interest you actually have to pay to the creditor.
  • Remaining debt: How much debt you have left.

In order to be able to calculate the above values, you must provide the data below. These represent the terms of each bank:

    • Desired loan amount (net loan amount): For example € 100,000.
    • Debit Interest: For example, 10 years.
    • Fixed debit interest rate : for example 4.5% pa
    • Initial repayment: 1% pa
    • Payment method: monthly.
    • Repayment settlement.

Fast Payday Loans Online 24 Hours

Payday loans allow you to receive money for what you need quickly and paydayized. You choose the amount and the return period, up to $ 100,000 and up to 48 months , while we help you find and find the money you need. A payday loan is a relatively small amount, which means that you can return it without fear and without problems.

With Bruin you will receive your first credit without commissions, a true 0% if you have never used our services and you have never received money through our lender partners. Your answer arrives in 15 minutes and you will have your money in less than 24 hours, requesting 100% online without leaving home. Many people turn to credit cards for their unexpected expenses, but the advantage of payday loans is that you will not have to pay excessive interest.

We offer you payday loans without interest if you are a new client. Bruin is looking for the best credit offer available in the market in a matter of minutes. We function as an intermediary, helping you receive money easily from the leading lenders in Mexico. You just have to fill out your application and we’ll take care of the rest. Requesting today will have your money before the end of the day! 

Why choose payday loans?

Why choose payday loans?

Requesting payday loans is one of the best ways to get money without waiting and without going to a bank. The whole process happens 100% online and you can do it using any device contacted to the network, for example, you can request payday loans using your mobile, laptop or tablet . Your online credit can be used to solve any unforeseen problem or problem without having to give any explanation.

All you have to do is fill in your application, review your credit offer and accept it on the website of the chosen lender. You can choose the term that best suits you to return your money and you can always request another loan once your data is saved under your customer profile. With up to $ 100,000 you can enjoy life , pay bills, solve unforeseen events and treat yourself.

Different types of payday loans

Different types of payday loans

payday loans adapt to your needs. We look for the best credit offer according to your data and your needs. In the world of online financing there are two types of loans: secured and unsecured loans. Bruin offers unsecured loans, which makes it easy for you to receive your money quickly without any questions, but that also means that your credit can carry interest if you have already applied for loans online in the past.


Do you need a mini loan? In Bruin we have the solution! We adapt to your needs, unforeseen and difficulties. We are a company dedicated to solving payday financial problems. Before applying for one of the loans we offer on our platform, you should know the answers to two questions: how much money do you need? and when can you return it?

Loans: guaranteed and unsecured. Which one suits me?

To obtain secured loans it is essential to have some type of guarantee or guarantee . Normally it is not possible to receive a loan without an endorsement, either a person who guarantees to pay your debt in case you can not return the money or a mortgage on real estate. Therefore, by not making your payments related to a guaranteed loan, you run the risk of losing the assets you have given as collateral.

The main advantage of secured loans, besides being able to have higher amounts for longer periods, is that the interest rate is usually lower and can be fixed or variable. The most common uses of secured loans are purchases of high value real estate, such as the purchase of a house or car.

To obtain unsecured loans you do not have to give any kind of explanation and you do not need to present a guarantee . You will not have to mortgage your assets or give any kind of guarantee, but if you do not comply with the payment, you can have other serious consequences.

Applying for an unsecured payday loan is an easy way to receive quick money compared to processes that include receiving a secured loan. Bruin offers you unsecured loans (without collateral) of up to $ 100,000. This is the simplest way to get money instantly. You can return it comfortably, paying in installments, directly to the account of the entity who offered you the loan.

Fast Payday Loans

In Mexico, banks no longer grant payday loans easily and quickly. Getting cash without questions and without documentation has become almost impossible. It is increasingly difficult to resort to a financial institution. Banks ask for many requirements, and if you do not have a fixed income, you can forget about receiving a payday loan without an endorsement.

Bruin offers you an immediate solution: fast payday loans. Simply have a bank account in Mexico and a national identity document such as the CURP in order to make an application and enjoy quick payday loans. We always offer you the best mini credit offer instantly available at that moment in real time, without paperwork and without questions.

Quick payday loans: an effective way to get cash

Our quick payday loans come directly to your bank account in less than 24 hours. This means that you can enjoy your express money through your bank card (for online purchases) or cash, taking money from an ATM. This is one of the advantages of receiving this type of express credit.

Anyone, whether you have a job or not, can apply for one of our fast payday loans online, for whatever. Unlike conventional banks, lenders of fast loans offer an almost immediate response that allows you to know in a matter of minutes if you are eligible to receive a loan online or not.

Comparison of credit: a new way to save

Our platform works like a search engine, comparing and reviewing the best credit offers available in the Mexican market. Credit comparison companies like ours help you find and find the best payday loan available in real time.

Our technology uses your data provided in the application to find a payday credit, tailored to solve your problems. In addition, Bruin always teaches you the most important and relevant information to your offer so that you can make an accurate decision without hesitation.

Payday Loans Online

Payday Loans Online

Online payday loans are the easiest and most convenient way to request money. With Bruin you can receive your money without leaving home using any device connected to the internet. You can get your money from the couch in your house! Our platform works with all your devices, including your computer, mobile, laptop or tablet.

Applying for a payday online loan works in the same way as a quick money request. You just have to go to our website and you will see our online loan calculator right away. When you have chosen the amount and the term, click on request!

After filling in your information, you will receive your answer in just a few minutes. If your answer is positive we will show you the offer with the most important information. You will see a summary of the credit offer chosen for you and you will be able to clearly and transparently review the interest rate (or lack of interest) and the repayment term of the loan. 

What are the advantages?

One of the advantages of applying for a loan through our platform is that we do not need to know what you need the money for, or where you spend it. payday loans are custom made and we fully trust our customers when processing their applications.

In addition, with Bruin you can receive your payday loan even if you are on the desk and have been rejected elsewhere . To receive your money online you will not have to provide a payroll, guarantee, endorsement or any additional documentation . We offer your loan without questions, easily and quickly.

You will receive your money 100% online without leaving your home and you will have up to 12 months to pay your loan. Apply now!

Payday loans and Installment loans



Payday offers two lines of loans, the first called “payday” for smaller amounts with payday return term, and the so-called “installment” for larger amounts with more distance payments.

One of the characteristics of Payday is that it is committed to a responsible debt, for which they prepare a payment table and a contract without surprises so that your economic situation does not deteriorate by not doing things correctly. Therefore, they establish a relationship of trust with the client in this relationship of mutual benefit.



  • You will get the credit in an easy and payday way. In 15 minutes you will get an answer to your request and you can receive the money even on the same day.
  • Comfortable, safe and without guarantees
  • Clarity, control and availability. There are no hidden clauses, everything is clearly explained and you have control and access to information at any time, just one click, on the web page. You also have a customer service team that will solve all possible doubts.
  • Flexibility: the application can be processed online at any time of the day, 100% online, so you will avoid waiting and queues.
  • Personalization: each client receives a specific offer.


  • You must be at least 20 years old.
  • Count on CURP.
  • Having an active email account.
  • Have an active national cell phone
  • Have a national bank account of your own.
  • Have a valid voter registration card.

Loan details:

  • You can obtain loans for values ​​between 1000 and $ 10,000.
  • The first loan will have a maximum amount of 4000 pesos, being able to access the 10,000 pesos in successive loans
  • To return between a week and a year, depending on whether they are “payday” or “in installments”.
  • The usual term for the repayment of quick loans can be 14, 21 or 30 days, according to agreement in the beginning.

Payment Methods:

Payment Methods:

A very important note to take into account before making the payment is that Payday will not request that you deposit your payment to the name of a person or account in particular.
Your payments must be deposited at your reference. Once that detail has been taken into account, these are the ways in which payment can be made:

  • You can make the payment directly in a branch, but remember that you must include your bank reference in the “payment reference” field so that the information is recognized.

What happens if I can not pay on time ?:

  • In case you can not pay your loan on time, you have the opportunity to extend the term of your loan. Enter your profile at and check the payment extension options available to you. The loan extends from the original due date.
  • The term can be extended for 14, 21 and 30 days. These extensions have an additional cost, but you will definitely avoid the penalties for delay.
  • If payment is delayed, daily penalties for the delay will be charged.

Other data of interest:

  • With your installment loans, you can get up to $ 15,000 to repay in a year, which is a big increase compared to the quick loan.
  • Payday accepts payments in times shorter than the deadlines without extra charges, but you also do not receive a rebate for it.
  • Keep in mind that you will only get an immediate response if you make the request during working hours (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and outside of that time you should wait for the opening of the offices.
  • Another factor to take into account is that Payday does not accept more than one credit simultaneously.

Immediate Loans | Personal loans

Personal loans are financial tools granted, usually by a bank or a lender, which gives you a specific amount of money, according to your needs, which you must pay within the agreed period of time and periods.

This type of loans have medium to long term payment schemes and fixed interest rates. It is usually resorted to when there is a need to finance a high amount for a long-term project such as a house, car, start a business, among other things.
A personal loan is different is different from a quick loan and has specific requirements established by each of the lenders. Below we will talk about all the characteristics of this type of credit and how it differs from other types of financing.

How do I apply for a personal loan?

How do I apply for a personal loan?

To apply for a loan of this type it is usually necessary to go personally to a bank branch and meet a series of requirements, which vary according to the institution.

The requirements vary according to the amount requested, the required deadlines and your customer history with the bank. However, they usually require proof of income, proof of a fixed address, personal references and a good credit history.

It is important to mention that a particularity of this type of credit is that they always require a good record in the credit bureau, that is, they take as a decisive factor their previous behavior as debtor to grant the credit or not. It is also important to mention that, with some exceptions, only an amount proportional to your monthly income is granted.

Some institutions also request a guarantee to grant a loan. Payment terms, as well as interest rates, usually vary according to the evaluation that the bank makes of you as a customer.

How much money can be accessed through a personal loan?

This is very variable. The amount that the bank agrees to lend to you will depend on your income, credit history and history as a client of the institution. Their current income should also be taken into account since banks usually do not lend a larger amount to them.

Do I have to pay something to the bank?

Most banks charge fixed interest rates based on the Annual Total Cost. It is the obligation of the institution to make this information known before accepting your loan.
In addition, some companies charge a small percentage (approx 2%) for opening or an annual fee.

What are the payment schemes?

 What are the payment schemes?

The amounts and payment terms will depend on the schemes offered by the institution. The payment periods are usually 12, 24, 36 or 38 or fixed monthly payments.

Are there other types of credits besides personal loans?

Personal loans usually have longer application processes and more rigid requirements, however, they are the option that offers higher loan amounts and lower interest rates. They are special for long-term investments.

However, if your needs are short-term and you do not have the requirements that banks request for a personal loan, the option of personal loans without a desk may be the most appropriate. This type of loan requires far fewer requirements to be requested and a shorter period of time to be approved, but they must be reimbursed in shorter periods of time and with higher interest rates. Thus, online loans are the best option for those who do not have the possibility of carrying out the long process required by a banking institution and need money expeditiously.

In addition, it is important that you choose the loan company that best suits your needs, for this you can use search engines such as Tituba, which, taking into account your requirements, look for the most suitable companies for you.


Borrow $ 5,000, choose the best payday loan!

It is surprisingly easy to apply for a payday loan of € 5,000.

The EUR 5,000 payday loan is a large consumer credit, but it is still available online. Of course, big payday loans are not available on such a large scale as small levers or payday loans of less than € 2,000, but there is still some choice in them.

You can get a payday loan of € 5,000 if you meet the terms and conditions set by the payday loan service for your customers. In the case of large consumer credit, the issue of each payday loan is carefully considered. Obtaining a payday loan requires that the person honestly disclose information about his or her own income and expenses. Thus, the payday loan service can check whether the applicant’s economy is so balanced that it can take a big consumer credit. payday loan services do not want credit losses, and a carefully made credit decision is, of course, also in the customer’s interest.

In large payday loans, the price of a payday loan may not be the same for everyone, but some may get a payday loan at a lower rate than others. Of course, the practice is also familiar to the banks. Unfortunately, those whose credit rating is weaker, ie low-income and pre-debt, have to pay more for their payday loan. payday loans often have an interest margin that varies according to the risk the client makes to the payday loan company. Of course, there are also payday loan services where you can borrow € 5,000 so that the price is the same for every applicant.

Consumer payday loans are not cheap, but their price is not impossible, especially if you look at what you borrow. Before you take a consumer credit, you always have to compare the price level of the different payday loan services and examine the price of the credits you have at the time you are thinking. Anyway, you may have to pay interest on the big payday loan, so no extra cost is worth it. The comparison of consumer credit is easy when looking for a credit comparison online, but it is not difficult to compare the price of the payday loans.

When you plan to buy a payday loan of € 5,000, the comparison of credit prices is made more difficult by the fact that, due to customer-specific pricing, the prices of payday loans are often not directly available on the websites of consumer credit companies. It is not a good reason not to make a payday loan comparison, but the comparison requires a little more effort. The customer may submit a payday loan application to several services and see what payday loan offer he receives in response to his application. He can then reject the worst deals and accept the best payday loan offer.

Official Payday Loan Without Remark


Civil servants’ payday loans are cheaper than publicly available loans, as civil servants and civil servants are considered particularly reliable. Despite their fundamental reliability, however, officials may have forfeited a negative entry in the remark and wish a civil service loan without remark. Such a loan is possible in principle but subject to additional conditions.

Civil servant payday loans from Switzerland 

Civil servant payday loans from Switzerland 

German credit institutions always carry out a remark inquiry. Even if, in exceptional cases, they refuse a routine request for existing customers, they report the borrowing to the credit protection. Banks from Switzerland may only grant a civil servant’s loan without a remark request and without a remark declaration, since they are not contractual partners of the German credit protection. However, they restrict the circle of recipients of a reduced official loan to actual officials and civil servants, while German banks also offer long-term employees of private companies official credit.

Of course, the same applies to Swiss banks equality of church officials with civil servants. An additional restriction on most Liechtenstein and Swiss banks is that they grant loans only to German citizens, while a civil service is also possible for nationals of other EU states. As a reason, credit institutions indicate that, for security reasons, they only grant debt-free loans to applicants whose country of residence is the same as the country of nationality, as foreigners may return to their home country without providing their new address.

The processing of Swiss non-scholar civil servant loans does not differ from the procedure for German loans, especially as the banks operating in Germany maintain a German bank account and make the payments in euros. The repayments are of course also in euros.

The price comparison is important

An official loan without remark is cheaper than a non-remark credit for non-civil servants. Nevertheless, the interest rates of the Swiss and Liechtenstein banks for their remark loans are often higher than that of a bank operating in Germany for a public sector loan with remark to pay interest. In view of the large number of Swiss banks operating in Germany, a credit settlement is essential before applying for a public-sector loan.

Moreover, if officials forfeit only a minor remark negative entry, they are not necessarily reliant on an official loan without remark, since lending is possible in many cases despite a remark entry. Anyone who decides on a civil service loan from Switzerland or Liechtenstein must be aware that the borrowing is registered with the Swiss Central Agency for Credit Information (ZEK). The ZEK can be compared with the remark in Germany, but it also stores information on the occupations of borrowers.

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